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You may groan now or save it till later. ;)

My mam has an annual Egg Show at her place for the members of the Smallholders Association she is in. Members can show their eggs either that have been laid by their own hens or eggs that they have decorated. There is a junior class which my kids decided to enter and they did quite well this year. Bethany did her Shrek theme, with Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey and the Dragon outside the tower that Shrek rescued the Princess from, this she called “Shregg”. Nathan did his Doctor Who theme with TARDIS, Doctor, Rose and a Dalek, this he named “Eggsterminate” (I’m sure you can see the naming theme). Jade wasn’t going to enter as she said she didn’t have time but decided at midnight last night that she was going to do a painted egg. Well Bethany won her show class and Nathan was second (he may have won first if we’d entered his in the correct class but never mind) and Jade won her class also, they were very pleased. Not only that but Bethany won Best In Show overall for the junior section for her entry and won a trophy, now that she was pleased with. :) Unfortunately as we had to leave early they missed the presentations so my mam brought the certificates and trophy down this evening for them.

On the fish front I mentioned at the beginning that Bev was out with a friend when she came in with the fish tank, well her friend got one at the same time but hasn’t had time to set it up or anything so dropped it off last night for us to have. We set it up today and moved the Angel fish out of the living room tank and into the new tank in the kitchen. We have lost a couple of Guppies in the last few days and all have had damaged tails and we think the Angel has been nipping them and stressing them till they died so we’ve removed him before he starts on the other fish. We’ll get him another Angel to play with and replace a couple of Guppies in the living room. Hard work this looking after fish lark, give me my dogs any time ;)

And congratulations to Liverpool for reaching the F.A. Cup Final where they are to play West Ham. :D

Signing off tonight with: Snooker (I’m in the living room)

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