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“Who?” you say. “Yup!” I say, Doctor Who is back and with a bang. Just incase anyone is reading that hasn’t seen it but wants to (why the hell not!) I won’t say too much, but damn that was good. Got settled with the kids at 6:30 to watch ‘Totally Doctor Who’ that I recorded for them on Thursday and then 7:15 it was on, door locked, blinds closed and phone on silent. ;) Nathan enjoyed it so much he requested a TARDIS so we could all go to next week and see the next ep immediately. Sadly that wasn’t possible so instead he requested ‘The Green Death’, the Jon Pertwee episode I recorded last week, so we watched that after Doctor Who Confidential. so our Doctor Who evening lasted from 6:30 till 11:15 when the kids went to bed, something I can see happening more in the coming weeks as Nathan wants to see more older episodes, already a big Tom Baker fan he now wants to see ‘before Tom’ Doctor.

And now, as requested by Miguel, I shall mention my fish :) Had a little trouble with them earlier this week, lost one of the guppies, one of those the kids Nanna bought them, and the others were looking a bit sluggish. I knew we were due a water check but had been going to do it over the weekend, this forced my hand and I went down on Thursday with a sample to the Aquatic Centre. Immediately the guy began the test he said I had problems, apparently if you have Nitrates/Nitrites in your tank when they do the test it goes and orange/red colour, mine went immediately to dark red, way too high. Advice was to do a 50% water change immediately and then 25% over next 3 days, he also told me of some liquid to buy to add to help with the neutralising, £2.75 it cost me, not as bad as I thought it might be. :D

So, came home and did the 50% change and added the Nitrate/Nitrite solution and within an hour or so began to see a difference, did another change the following day and it’s amazing how good the fish look now, back to how they were when we first got them. He also said I was feeding them too much and advised once a day so I’ve cut back no that too. Is a steep learning curve but hopefully that’s one to file away and not let happen again, I’d been doing water changes every 2 weeks as originally advised but may now do a change weekly just to make sure.

On another update note, the pulled muscle I mentioned in my last post seems to be getting a little better, thought it was better earlier today but it seems to have stiffened slightly, been spraying it with Deep Heat (ouchie) which has helped. :)

Signing off tonight with: [Greenspond by Great Big Sea] from the album [Play] [01:30/03:09]

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