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Well it seems that a lot of my time throughout the Easter holidays has now been allocated to the kids and outdoors. Went out with Bev and the kids this morning up to the High Street and came back the owner of 2 new bikes, one for Bev and one for myself. This because our previous bikes were in a slightly dodgy stae of repair and probably would have cost almost as much to repair as buy a new one. We were quite lucky that we got a part-ex deal on my bike so we took Bevs old bike up to the shop as part-ex and got £50 for it, not bad as I wouldn’t have paid anyone £5 for it :)

We left with our new bikes and do you think the kids let us come straight home, not a chance, off we went for a ride. So I now guess that my Easter holiday will consist of many bike rides, hopefully the weather will let us. Also after a flippant comment from myself the kids seem to have got the idea that next year we’re going on a cycling holiday, just us on our bikes with a tent to sleep in, they’re planning already and have our tent etc. all picked out :o

On a completely different note, annoyingly I seem to have pulled a muscle in my left shoulder today, nothing to do with the bike it was something I did after we got back home, no idea what I did but it’s bloody sore and damn uncomfortable. :(

Back to the bike though, if I do get dragged out a lot at least I can take my camera and grab some more shots of Ashington ready for my site redesign, when I get round to it, so that’s always good. :)

Signing off tonight with: [Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf] from the album [The Best Air Guitar Album In The World….. Ever! II (CD 2)] [00:22/03:26]

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