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Just a post to say hello as I know one new person added me to their RSS today, ramblings may be infrequent and not make much sense but as long as you know that beforehand you won’t expect too much. ;)

Been a little busy lately at the times I normally post here so it dropped down the list a little, or was it just that I sat here most of my waking hours so had nothing to talk about? Whatever it was I may remedy it at some point, I did intend to post a little more frequently than I have over the last few weeks.

On a film front we’ve seen a couple of new films since I last posted, Sky High, which I must admit was better than I thought it would be, and Narnia, which was excellent even though the kids said they prefer their BBC made version.

I’ve also sat down with Nathan and Bethany and watched all of Doctor Who Series 27 (New Series 1) and only have Christmas Invasion left to watch before the new series starts on 15th @ 7:15pm. Also as of tomorrow night the final episode of Now And Again will have aired on ITV4 and I can get the last 4 eps prepared ready to watch and stop the kids asking when we’re going to finish off the series. Then I’ll have to find something else for them to watch.

Just had a drunken phonecall from Bev who has been out to a party tonight and is staying at my youngest sisters house, they’ve not quite reached home yet as they stopped off at my oldest sisters for a “top up”. Scary to think what they’ll be like when they do reach home, shocking ;)

Signing off tonight with: [Prepare For War by Dragonforce] from the album [Sonic Firestorm] [05:38/06:15]

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