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A big Grrr indeed, pre-bought some wardrobes from Focus as they were on special offer and they only had a small amount coming in, paid for them last Monday for delivery to store on Tuesday, they were going to ring us when they arrived. Had no phone call on Tuesday so rang on Wednesday, they hadn’t been delivered as the wagon was full, they’d be in Thursday. Rang Thursday afternoon and they had just come in but the delivery hadn’t been checked. We had to organise a lift to go pick them up and couldn’t get anyone till Friday but didn’t think that was a problem as the order hadn’t been checked. Friday morning came and Focus rang to tell me that they had checked the delivery and every set of wardrobes was damaged! What was it, they felt guilty for not delivering when they should so just threw them on the wagon or what?

Have to say at this point that the lady I spoke to was very apologetic and very nice on the phone so no complaints about that at all. She said she was ringing round and trying to get more, could she ring me back.

Well she rang me back just an hour or two later and they will be getting some more in next Wednesday or Friday. So we’re going to get our wardrobes but instead of them having £120 of our money for a day they have it over a week and even then who is to say the next lot won’t be damaged, not happy. :(

On another delivery note, we bought a trampoline for the back garden for the kids, Argos rang me this morning, earliest date for delivery is Thursday, they said delivery time was 35 days and it’ll be about 20 days on Thursday since we ordered, not bad.

Will get off now as I’m converting video, trying to do things that won’t take away processing from the video.

Signing off with: [Session by The Offspring] from the album [Ignition] [00:02/02:32]

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