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Fish TankBev came back in from a day out with her friend today with a tropical fishtank and all the trimmings, no fish yet as you have to leave the tank before putting fish in. So our Sunday will be filled with a trip down to the local garden centre, which has an aquatic centre, so the kids can pick some fish to put in. We’ve already ruled out Nemo and Dory as they’re marine fish and not just tropical so that’s a shame. :D

We had fish when I was younger but I don’t remember much about them so it’s something new to learn, not like goldfish where you just feed them and change the water, this one is talking about correct temperatures, water ph, bacteria and loads of other stuff. Once I find some batteries for my camera I’ll add some pics into my personal gallery, which leads to the next part of my post.

Installed my personal gallery onto my reseller today, after a mix up of new gallery and old modules killing stuff I’m sorted. Will be adding my pics to the gallery over the next few days. I seem to have 200mb+ to add so it may take a while. (seems I forgot in my original posting of this to include the link, so incase anyone has already read this, this bit is new ;) ) You’ll find it at

Seems I jinxed things last night by hoping for dry weather as it’s been raining on and off all day, not pleasant at all so no fence fixing happened, hopefully over the weekend. I also have a roof to put on the alleyway outside the back door, make it an inside/outside space, somewhere to take off muddy shoes etc. in the dry before coming into the house.

Signing off tonight with : [Subject To Change (Bonus Track) by Sum 41] from the album [Chuck] [03:04/03:16]

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